Copernicus Sentinels help to spur green financial investments

Copernicus Sentinels help to spur green financial investments

Oxford’s Spatial Finance Initative is being supported by the European Space Agency’s Copernicus Sentinel-2 mission to accelerate green economic development in Europe and beyond.

Imagery from the mission is contributing to SFI to enable investors, regulators and governments to price in environmental externalities and funnel capital towards more sustainable and resilient enterprises.

Advancing the responsible management of carbon intensive industries – such as energy generation, agriculture, manufacturing, and construction – will be key to achieve the ambitious climate targets set out by the international community.

However, current data on the environmental impact of industrial sites is often patchy, unreliable and hard to access, making it difficult for investors to take informed decisions.

To tackle this challenge, the Spatial Finance Initiative is working to unleash the enormous potential of Earth observation data and machine learning techniques, transforming the availability of information in the financial system.

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