World-leading researchers in sustainable finance

Both financial institutions and the broader financial system must manage the risks and capture the opportunities of the transition towards sustainability. The University of Oxford has world-leading researchers and research capabilities relevant to understanding these challenges and opportunities.

We work globally across asset classes, finance professions, and with different parts of the financial system.

Established in 2012, the Oxford Sustainable Finance Group (OxSFG) is a world-leading, multi-disciplinary centre for research and teaching in sustainable finance. We are the largest such centre globally and are the focal point for Oxford’s capabilities in sustainable finance.

Climate & environmental analytics

Machine learning & data science

Spatial Finance

Stranded assets & transition finance

Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship

A diverse, equitable and inclusive learning community of academics, practitioners and students from around the world. Pioneering global learning in Social Entrepreneurship, Systems Change and Knowledge Equity.

Oxford Rethinking Initiative

The Oxford Initiative on Rethinking Performance (ORP) aims to develop a framework for the measurement and operationalisation of corporate purpose.

This will enable sustainable and long-term focussed business behaviour to thrive for the benefit of the economy, investors, planet and society.

The Ownership Project

An estimated 70% of global businesses are family-owned. Our research, teaching, and global conversations bring responsibility and sustainability to their core.

The Ownership Project provides a platform for knowledge generation and dissemination. We seek to empirically understand the impact of ownership on businesses, communities, and society — and the key factors shaping sustainable ownership in the future.