The Lab

In Summer/Autumn 2023 we will open a new Oxford Sustainable Finance Lab in the very heart of Oxford.

The Lab will be a physical space where Oxford researchers will co-locate with practitioners visiting from financial institutions, supervisory authorities, central banks, government departments, and civil society organisations. Visitors will collaborate with Oxford researchers as part of sprints, joint projects, and sandboxes, or simply use time in proximity to world-leading researchers to spark ideas off each other and learn from one another. 

A Community of Practice

The Lab will host visitors from a range of organisations, with visitors staying for pre-agreed periods (ranging from a few hours a week over the long term to single or multiple intensive short-term visits to longer term residencies) with this being determined by and evolving based on the nature of collaborations between members of the Lab. Members will become part of the wider Oxford Sustainable Finance Group community and there will be events and other activities that will be open to those participating in the Lab. While the Lab is part the Oxford Sustainable Finance Group, it will be accessible to researchers from across the wider University of Oxford and be available to researchers that are part of the UK Centre for Greening Finance & Investment (CGFI). It will also be a hub for Oxford’s Public and Third Sector Academy for Sustainable Finance (P3SA), with a dedicated space for visitors from both the public and third sectors.

A space to innovate

The Lab will be safe space for all participants to innovate in and around the emerging fields of sustainable finance and investment. We will foster interactions between different parts of the financial system and break down barriers between them.

Institutional partners will benefit from opportunities for their staff to collaborate with members of the Lab, including world-leading Oxford researchers. Our community of practice will ensure partners can access and shape emerging thinking on sustainable finance and investment.