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Webinar on the ‘Energy Transition and the the Changing Cost of Capitol 2023 Review’

Released on 21st March 2023

The most comprehensive analysis of cost of capital trends across the global energy sector over the past two decades has been published by Oxford Sustainable Finance Group.

The report analyses the changing cost of capital across the global energy sector including for oil and gas production, coal mining, refining, offshore & onshore wind, and solar, among others.

To mark the publication of the report ‘Energy Transition and the Changing Cost of Capital: 2023 Review’, a webinar was hosted by the authors and researchers behind the review.

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How Does Policy Impact Capital and Investments in Renewable Energy

18 May 2023 –

Climate and environmental (CE) policies shape the energy sector by influencing market participants’ perceptions and behaviours.

Research shows that stronger CE policies can decrease the cost of capital for renewable energy production while increasing it for oil & gas and coal production, directly influencing investment choices between green and brown alternatives.

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How tracking changes in the cost of capital can accelerate investment in low-carbon energy

28 March 2023 –

A recent report tracks the cost of capital across the global energy system between 2020-2021.

It highlights the need to accelerate investment in low-carbon energy to meet climate targets.

Policy-makers can influence the cost of capital as we transition to a low-carbon economy.

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Coal Projects in Asia Face Dwindling Financing as Climate Pressure Mounts

2 August 2021 –

Banks pull back funds for new coal plants, a move that could accelerate world’s transition toward cleaner fuels—but China and India plans loom.

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U.S. ETFs increase fossil-fuel bond buying in 2020

16 June 2021 –

Fossil-fuel financing by U.S. fixed-income ETFs increased by 72% in 2020 after funds bought large quantities of new bonds issued amid the COVID-19 crisis.

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ETF providers have been leading buyers of new fossil fuel bonds, finds study

14 June 2021 –

New bonds sold by fossil fuel companies were being snapped up by leading exchange traded fund providers including BlackRock and State Street even as these managers were preparing to pledge to slash their carbon emissions exposure, researchers have found.

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Green Finance Goes Mainstream, Lining Up Trillions Behind Global Energy Transition

22 May 2021 –

Some of the world’s biggest companies and deepest-pocketed investors are lining up trillions of dollars to finance a shift away from fossil fuels.
Assets in investment funds focused partly on the environment reached almost $2 trillion globally in the first quarter, more than tripling in three years. Investors are putting $3 billion a day into these funds. More than $5
billion worth of bonds and loans designed to fund green initiatives are now issued every day. The two biggest U.S. banks pledged $4 trillion in climate-oriented financing over the next decade.

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It’s never been this expensive to finance a new coal power plant

22 Apr 2021 –

For decades, infrastructure for coal, oil, and gas was seen as a relatively safe investment delivering strong returns, and renewables barely attracted the private sector’s attention. While banks put up trillions of dollars financing new fossil-fuel assets, from mines to power plants, government funds furnished about 50% of the annual investment (pdf) in America’s solar sector as recently as 2004.

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Coal financing costs surge as investors opt for renewable energy

19 Apr 2021 –

Coal financing costs have surged over the last decade as investors demand returns four times as high as the payoff required from renewable energy projects to justify the risk of investing in fossil fuels, as the world moves towards cleaner energy sources.

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Financing the world’s energy transition

19 Apr 2021 –

Countries, companies, and banks are pledging their commitment to a rapid energy transition by 2050, dependent on a full-scale shift in what energy the world relies on. But how is the energy transition actually getting financed?

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Loan Markets Are Pricing In Climate Transition, Penalizing Coal

19 Apr 2021 –

New research from Oxford University that analyzes changes in loan spreads — a measure of credit risk — found the cost of financing renewable energy projects shrunk dramatically over the past two decades, while the opposite was true for coal, the most carbon-intensive of the fossil fuels.

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'Good news': Study charts contrasting fortunes for coal and renewables financing costs

17 Apr 2021 –

Landmark analysis from Oxford Sustainable Finance Group reveals costs of financing coal projects have soared over the past decade, while renewable energy financing costs have moved in the opposite direction.

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