Research Areas

Research Areas

The research conducted within our programme covers a wide range of topics and projects, focused on addressing the challenges and opportunities in sustainable finance through the use of NLP techniques.

Our research activities include, amongst others:

Net Zero Targets and Transition Pathways

  • Identification of relevant disclosure items and compliance with disclosure standards
  • Examining ambition and tracking progress
  • Enabling investors and financial supervisors to monitor the quality of plans, identify inconsistencies, and track implementation progress


  • Comparing corporate disclosures with real activities
  • Identifying discrepancies and inconsistencies between sustainability claims and actions
  • Ensuring greater transparency and accountability in the sustainable finance sector

Climate Litigation

  • Making NLP-informed legal cases
  • Analyzing legal documents and extracting relevant information to identify patterns, trends, and strategies
  • Strengthening legal arguments in support of climate-related lawsuits

Regulatory Compliance and Supervision

  • Automating the assessment of disclosure compliance with regulations and reporting requirements
  • Identifying inconsistencies to inform supervisory dialogues with financial institutions
  • Informing prudential regulation and financial stability supervision

Science in Finance

  • Developing NLP techniques to make complex scientific data accessible and digestible for non-scientists
  • Integrating climate science and biodiversity research into financial decision-making
  • Facilitating the incorporation of climate pathways and nature-related issues into investment strategies and risk assessments

Spatial Finance

  • Mapping and characterizing the world’s most polluting assets using NLP and other AI technologies
  • Extracting information and knowledge by looking into newspapers, reports, and satellite images
  • Developing novel AI algorithms for developing asset-level databases